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We Create a Viral Acquisition Strategy for You

Or we improve the one you've already got. Drawing on 15 years of experience in customer acquisition, we identify online incentives to promote sharing, then build custom applications for your site that give one-click access to invite friends.

We Streamline Sharing

Once users choose who they want to share with, we supply dedicated IP addresses and deliverability best practices to send personalized invitations through email and social media on their behalf.

We Test & Optimize Everything

Then we test and test and test. We personally A/B test dozens of variables in your application, incentive and invite to ensure the highest engagement and return from each user.

We Report on Your Success

Calculate your Viral Forecaster

Receive custom, detailed reporting on metrics associated with registrations, purchases, deliverability and more. All in real time.

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Last 7 days 2,000
Referrals Sent
Last 7 days 50,000
Conversion Rate
All Time
Avg Purchase Value
All Time
New Customers
Last 7 days 1,500

And ViralNinjas continues to monitor and nurture your virality after onboarding - no disappearing act from ViralNinjas!

ViralNinjas offers a ton of real world benefits

More Users

More Users

Acquire more users than traditional acquisition channels.

Lower CPA

Lower CPA

Pay for customers,
not clicks.

Faster Acquisition

Faster Acquisition

Compound your growth and acquire more users in less time.

Richard Cohene

Since we implemented ViralNinjas our k-factor has gone up 4X, they take complete ownership of the funnel and optimize each aspect of it. Thank you ViralNinjas for all the great work!

Richard Cohene, Director of Marketing and Business Development - Beyond the Rack

Hicham Ratnani

ViralNinjas is a powerhouse of tech and viral expertise. Killer combination!

Hicham Ratnani, Co-founder & CIO/CFO - Frank & Oak